Date:Wednesday 17 May 2017
Time:09:00 - 16:00

Scotland's Centre for Design and Architecture
The Lighthouse 
11 Mitchell Lane 
G1 3NU


CPD:4.00 hours

This full-day event provides the latest best practice guidance for the design and construction of concrete and masonry solutions.

The sessions will feature the latest guidance on designing concrete and how concrete continues to innovate and evolve. The day will also include a wealth of case studies presented by designers and contractors with exemplars of ready-mixed concrete, structural precast, cladding, post-tensioned concrete and masonry solutions. 

This event is delivered in partnership with product, design and construction experts and these organisations will be available to delegates in the event’s exhibition and networking area




Registration & Refreshments


Welcome from The Concrete Centre, Andrew Minson, Executive Director, The Concrete Centre and British Precast


Session 1: Clever Concrete

Concrete is fundamentally a clever material, usually designed and supplied to suit specific requirements, but new forms of concrete are evolving all the time with different characteristics and potential uses. This session includes good ideas for the specification of responsibly sourced, sustainable concrete, including low-carbon cements and quality reinforcement.

  • Specifying sustainable concrete to BS 8500 - Jenny Burridge, Head of Structural Engineering, The Concrete Centre 
  • Novel cements and cement additions - Colum McCague, Technical Officer, MPA Cement
  • Quality assurance and traceability of reinforcement - Lee Brankley, CEO, UK CARES 





Session 2: Future-proofed Housing

Practical strategies, products and methods of construction facilitating the design and construction of energy-efficient, high-performance, resilient housing. Topics covered include reducing risk of overheating and flooding, as well as resilience to fire, acoustic insulation and thermal performance.

  • Resilient Masonry Homes - Elaine Toogood, The Concrete Centre on behalf of Modern Masonry Alliance 
  • Low Carbon and Long-life Surface Water Management Systems Stuart Crisp, Concrete Pipeline Systems Association
  • Precast Floors for Housing - Jenny Burridge, Head of Structural Engineering, The Concrete Centre on behalf of Precast Flooring Federation

Lunch break


Welcome to the afternoon session - Jenny Burridge, Head of Structural Engineering, The Concrete Centre


Concrete Case Studies
Concrete can provide high-performance, cost-effective structures, as well as material efficient, robust and elegant finishes. These exemplars provide valuable insight into the design and construction of concrete structures.

  • Case study on V&A Museum - Dundee, Bjourn Bigley, Careys on behalf of CONSTRUCT
  • Visual in-situ concrete - Tarmac on behalf of British Ready-Mixed Concrete Association
  • Easter Bush Innovation Centre - Case Study of an Innovative Post-Tensioned Concrete Slab Design - Paul Kielty, Structural Systems on behalf of Post-tensioning Association
  • Case study on Architectural Cladding - Architectural and Structural Precast Association

Questions and close 

Event Partners

ASPA is the association for the manufacturers of architectural cladding and structural precast concrete. ASPA provides guidance on the design and construction of precast concrete elements in buildings and infrastructures and promotes the structural, commercial, environmental and aesthetic benefits of precast concrete offsite solutions.

BRMCA represents the interests of UK ready-mixed concrete producers and is part of the Mineral Products Association.

BRMCA leads the way in the strategic development of the concrete industry in terms of service, innovation, resource efficiency, product development and liaison with contractors and clients. 

CARES is an independent, not-for-profit certification body, established in 1983 to provide confidence to the users, purchasers and specifiers of constructional steels through a regime of regulation, testing and inspection.

CONSTRUCT is the trade association for in-situ concrete frame contractors. It focuses on four major areas - health and safety; skills and training; fair trading and innovation in the use of concrete, and construction processes.

The Concrete Pipeline Systems Association (CPSA) is the trade body for British manufacturers of precast concrete pipes, manholes and associated wastewater sewerage components.

CPSA aim to provide information and support throughout the supply chain to enhance decision-making and to continuously improve performance through the introduction of winning innovations.

The Modern Masonry Alliance is a body that seeks to ensure developers and designers, customers and occupants understand the benefits of masonry solutions.

It provides guidance on design of masonry and furnishes government and influencing organisations with the evidence of how masonry can contribute to a sustainable built environment.

The product association within British Precast, promoting the structural and commercial benefits of precast concrete flooring systems and their proven performance.

Post-Tensioning Association is the trade association for companies engaged in post tensioning in the U.K, promoting the use of post-tensioning in buildings, bridges, and other structural types.  Our members are constructors, designers and suppliers and we promote and support best practice in the design, procurement and execution of post-tensioned structures.