Project brief: Smeaton High School new building

The new building at Smeaton High School will form part of an existing school which will be in operation throughout the construction work for the new building. The project comprises a three-storey classroom block and a single-storey sports hall.

The contractor is bidding for a contract to design and build the new school building. The contract includes on going responsibility for the operation of the new facility, including maintenance and energy use. The contractor wants to offer a scheme that meets the client’s brief, is architecturally appealing and will allow them to offer a bid for the entire contract that will compete on cost.

The contractor has successfully built and maintained other schools and prefers to use heavyweight materials to gain the benefits of robustness, acoustic separation, fire resistance, thermal mass etc.

You have been appointed by the contractor to develop a structural design for the project. They have indicated that the development of an exemplar of efficient and flexible design could lead to further contracts being won for similar school projects.

The new building is to be built on part of the playing fields adjacent to the existing school. The school governors are therefore particularly interested in minimising the period and extent of disruption associated with the construction and fit-out programme on site. The new building is to be ready for the new school year in September 2023.

For more information on the project brief, incluing design data and accompanying Figures, download the full project brief