Fresh Concrete 2024: Vascular delivery system for self-healing concrete

Date:Thursday 20 June 2024
Time:13:00 - 13:45

The focus of this event is an innovative vascular delivery system for self-healing concrete. MimiCrete’s technology for concrete mimics the way natural organisms heal themselves. Using a patented vascular delivery system embedded in the structure, a self-healing agent is distributed through the concrete, sealing cracks as soon as they appear.

This process prolongs the life of the concrete and reduces the need for repair and replacement which, in turn, lowers carbon emissions. In this talk Dr Zijing will explain this new technology and MimiCrete’s ongoing demonstration projects including work with the Global Centre of Rail Excellence. 

 As this is a joint event between The Concrete Centre and Building Centre, your booking details for this event will be provided to both parties. Further information about the Fresh Concrete series can be found here.