The Concrete Centre webinars are available for free, on-demand playback, whether or not you attended the original live program.

On-demand webinars 

Achieving cast insitu visual concrete – an introduction
Presented by: Elaine Toogood

This webinar will provide essential information for architects and engineers considering specifying cast insitu visual concrete. Includes guidance on mix and formwork selection and information to be included in specification documents.

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Concrete and Fire
Presented by: Jenny Burridge 

Concrete has excellent capacity to withstand fire as it is non-flammable and has good insulation properties. However, fire does sometimes prove to be the governing factor in the design of concrete elements and this webinar will go through some of the design aspects and methods to design concrete for the fire situation.

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Designing resilient homes
Presented by:
Elaine Toogood

This seminar provides guidance on design and construction of homes using concrete and masonry to improve resilience. It considers practical strategies for addressing climate change over the life of a building including overheating and flooding. Other topics covered include resilience to fire, acoustic insulation and thermal performance with links for further detailed guidance.

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Designing with Insulated concrete formwork
Presented by: Guy Thompson

This webinar provides general guidance on the range of systems ,their benefits and design and construction issues for the design of homes and other building types using insulated concrete formwork. 

It considers the context of a modern method of construction within the housing market, the range of internal and external cladding options as well as speed of construction and on site benefits ,such as speed of build, airtightness and potential for all weather working. 

Exemplar projects will be referenced. Structural implications and considerations will also be included.

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Post-tensioned Floors Webinar
Presented by: Paul Gregory 

This webinar will cover the principles of prestressed concrete and its benefits. Economic structural forms. The design considerations of restraint, holes, tendon layout, and bonded or un-bonded systems. The construction considerations of joints and stressing. 


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Special Concretes
Presented by:
Jenny Burridge 

Concrete can be made to achieve many different properties including strength, rapid setting and self-compaction to name but three. This webinar will go through some of the special concretes available and how to specify them.

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