The latest issue of Concrete Quarterly is Autumn 2021

This issue features:

Casting Off

  • Leader - Elaine Toogood, head of architecture at The Concrete Centre discusses the highs and lows of specifying lower carbon concretes.
  • Innovation - ZHA brings a mortarless 3D-printed bridge to Venice.
  • Lasting Impression - John Puttick on concrete shells and shelters.
  • Origin Story - Gort Scott's Joe Mac Mahon on a project that started with a walk in the woods.
  • From the Archive - Winter 1977: London gets back into shape.


  • Narbo Via, Narbonne - the layered pink walls of Foster + Partners' Narbo Via bring the rustic charm of the southern French soil to precision-engineered concrete.
  • Moss House, Birmingham - Glenn Howells shows the versatility of a repeating structural grid, with a building designed to adapt to University College Birmingham’s ever-changing needs.
  • Dryden Centre, Nottingham - Evans Vettori’s extension building for Nottingham Trent University uses cantilevering concrete to weave around the surrounding tree roots.
  • House on the End, London - 200 Works takes the ‘raw is more’ approach on a London end-of-terrace cast from fibre-reinforced concrete.
  • Jacoby Studios, Paderborn - David Chipperfield Architects skilfully weave a ruined monastery and modern office block together with light-toned concrete.


  • Circular economy - Strategies for keeping concrete in play for longer.
  • Upcycle Studios, Copenhagen - How Lendager turned demolition waste into new housing.

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