Eurocode 2 Update - 05/07/2018

5 Jul 2018

Along with all the Eurocodes, Eurocode 2 is due to be revised with publication anticipated from 2020. Earlier this year some 1800 ‘informal’ comments were made across Europe on a 2nd draft of a revised EN 1992-1-1. A 3rd draft was delivered by Project Team I in May 2018. The main changes being proposed include changing: strength reduction factor acc, which (in HSC columns will be offset by allowance for confinement); shear without shear reinforcement, which will be based on Critical Shear Crack Theory, which is more widely applicable; punching shear, which will have revised rules and perimeters; and lap lengths.

Meanwhile, other Project Teams have delivered first drafts of revision to EN1992-1-2 (Fire) and of new draft annexes for assessment, steel fibre reinforcement, FRP strengthening and stainless steel. It will be a couple of years before more finalised drafts become available for public comment. EN 1992-4 (Fastenings) and a revision to the current EN1992-1-2 (Fire), Annex C, Columns, are being finalised.

The Concrete Centre provides design guidance to enable structural engineers to design with concrete to Eurocode 2. Following the update to Eurocode 2, there will be a programme of updates to inform designers of the changes and make revision to guidance documents. 

The Concrete Centre are UK representatives on the committees that are updating the Eurocodes. Charles Goodchild provided a detailed update on activity in a recent webinar, which is available on request, email

Charles has worked for contractors, both in the UK and abroad, for consultant engineers and trade associations. He has been with the MPA-The Concrete Centre and its forebears for almost 25 years.

Here, he promotes efficiency in concrete design and construction in reinforced concrete structures by managing and writing publications, attending to codes and standards, managing software development and interest groups and by giving talks and lectures.

Notable amongst his productions to date are the suite of RC spreadsheets and the publications Economic Concrete Frame Elements, Concise Eurocode 2 and Concrete Basements.

Over many years he has been and continues to be a member many industry and standards committees including: BSI Committee B525/2 dealing with Eurocode 2, B524 dealing with precast concrete and of ISE 104/1 dealing with reinforcement, the working party on BS8666 Scheduling, dimensioning, bending and cutting of steel reinforcement for concrete.

He is active in fibUK. He is the UK expert on CEN TC250/SC2/WG1 dealing with proposed revisions to Eurocode 2 and a member of CEN TC250/SC2.