The latest issue of Concrete Quarterly is Winter 2020

This issue features:

Casting Off

  • NEWS AND INNOVATION - Megalithic playscapes for teenagers and artificial crevices for crustaceans
  • ORIGIN STORY - Kennedytwaddle’s “essay in concrete”


  • SONGS IN THE STONES - Patel Taylor sees the light with a crypt-inspired extension at St George’s Bristol
  • PIRELLI’S PALAZZO - The tyre giant celebrates its design heritage with some finely patterned precast concrete
  • GRAND HEFT AUTO - Cantilevers, curves and car-proof slabs at Cullinan’s automotive research centre
  • FASTENED IN PLACE - Chipperfield’s latest German gallery is a landscape study in layered red concrete


  • MASTERING MASS - In a warming climate, exposed concrete in schools can help keep classrooms cool
  • THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH - How passive solar design uses glazing, shading and thermal mass to cut energy bills

Lasting Impressions

  • LASTING IMPRESSION - Chloë Phelps celebrates mid-century Croydon

From the Archive

  • SUMMER 1973 - Rogers and Foster: New kids on the block

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