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Final Frame: Under Restaurant, Norway

Snøhetta has completed an underwater restaurant off the coast of Lindesness, the southernmost point of Norway. The 34m-long concrete tube-like structure resembles a sunken periscope, with an 11m x 3m panoramic window at the submerged end, which rests 5m below the sea.

The rough concrete shell is 0.5m-thick to help withstand tidal forces, and its deliberately rugged texture is intended to encourage algae and molluscs to grow, gradually transforming the structure into an artificial reef.

Photo Inger Marie Grini/Bo Bedre Norge

From the archive: Summer 1988


Carole Vincent, who has died aged 80, was a concrete artist of rare grace and power, whose works can be seen everywhere from her native Cornwall to Singapore. In 1988, CQ explored her innovative sculptural series, Twelve Good Men and True. Originally intended as a large-scale work for the hilltop site of Truro Crown Courts, the idea evolved into 12 2ft-high maquettes based on portraits of her family and friends.

The figures were initially cast in clay, from which plaster moulds were made, in pieces “like a jigsaw”, so that they could be reused. This allowed for limited editions, often with different aggregates. For the Twelve Good Men, she mixed slate aggregate and white cement, “just wet enough”.

After a week, the moulds were removed, and the fine surface skin sanded down under water to reveal the aggregate and restore the design’s sharp lines. “Part of the attraction of Vincent’s sculptures,” wrote CQ editor George Perkin, “lies in her ability to exploit the natural properties of the material, achieving a simplicity of line and form well suited to concrete, coupled with imagination in the use of aggregates to vary the colour and texture.”

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