Concrete Futures: Carbon negative cementitious material, 3D printing and graphene-enhanced admixture

Recorded:Wednesday 23 November 2022
Presented by:Elaine Toogood, The Concrete Centre; Sam Draper, Seratech Ltd; Ben Harries, Versarien Graphene Limited.
CPD:1 hours

The Concrete Futures lecture series is intended as a platform from which architects, engineers, researchers and innovators can share information and the experiences related to an innovation in concrete. This event features two presentations and a range of new concrete technologies. The first involves the use of alternative materials in the making of concrete – a carbon negative secondary cementation material, that can capture CO2 process emissions of cement in its manufacture and also reduce the embodied carbon of concrete when used. And the second presentation includes low carbon 3D printed concrete and the use of graphene-enhanced concrete admixtures.