Thermal mass explained

Recorded:Monday 07 September 2020
Presented by:Tom De Saulles, Building Physics Advisor, The Concrete Centre
CPD:1 hours

This webinar provides an introduction to thermal mass and its energy/carbon saving benefits. It will cover: What is thermal mass? How is it used? How is it measured and how much do you need? General rules of thumb are provided throughout the talk, including the upfront carbon savings that can be achieved through avoided internal finishes and M&E plant.   

Thermal mass plays a role in our adaptation to climate change. 2019 was the warmest year on record in Europe, demonstrating the importance of considering overheating in building design. Alongside ventilation and shading, thermal mass provides a key passive design measure to help buildings cope with rising summer temperatures and reduce the need for more carbon intensive approaches to cooling.

Whilst the use of thermal mass goes back thousands of years, today it is increasingly relevant, and a basic understanding will be useful for anyone involved in building design and construction.  

Duration: 43 minutes