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BS8666 – Call for Comments

06 Jul 2018

BS8666, Scheduling, dimensioning, bending and cutting of steel reinforcement for concrete is to undergo a general revision with work having just started.

Concept Software – the Economical Concrete Solution

06 Jul 2018

Did you know that there is a free simple spreadsheet that can give you the most economical concrete option for your building and size the columns for you too?  Concept gives you 13 different reinforced concrete floor options with simplified costings to help you choose the best solution. 

The Evolution of BREEAM

06 Jul 2018

While not radically different to its predecessor, BREEAM New Construction 2018 does contain some significant changes. These include greater use of Environment Performance Declarations (EPDs) for Life Cycle Analysis in the Materials category. Another is an overhaul of the methodology related to the use of recycled aggregates. 

New approval structures recommended by the Hackitt Review

05 Jul 2018

The press coverage and political conversation has focussed on what Hackitt has not done: the report has not recommended the banning of combustible cladding and it has not recommended compulsory sprinklers. But what does the report say?  It claims that our building regulations system is not fit for purpose, enforcement is inadequate and that the means of demonstrating competency is inadequate. 

To address these, Hackitt recommends creation of new structures: to validate and assure guidance, to deliver rigorous enforcement, to improve and accredit competency. Tony Jones, Principal Structural Engineer at The Concrete Centre explains more. 

Eurocode 2 Update - 05/07/2018

05 Jul 2018

Charles Goodchild, Principal Structural Engineer, The Concrete Centre provides the latest on the updates to Eurocode 2, the design code for the structural design of concrete. 

Reflections on Concrete Elegance - Texture & Context

15 Jun 2018

It was another full house at the Concrete Elegance lecture which took place on the 12th June. Elaine Toogood, senior architect, The Concrete Centre shares her highlights from the projects featured: The new visitors centre at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, presented by Fergus Feilden of Feilden Fowles Architects with Greg Nordberg of engineers HRW, and the recent extension to the Templeman Library in the University of Kent presented by Suzi Winstanley of Penoyre & Prasad architects with Andy Toohey of Price & Myers engineers.

The Concrete Centre shares Hackitt’s commitment to Building a Safer Future

22 May 2018

The Concrete Centre welcomes recognition in the final report of the Hackitt Review ‘Building a Safer Future: Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety: Final Report’ that the use of non-combustible materials “inherently provides higher levels of protection” and the call for a “focus on reducing ongoing building risks during the occupation and maintenance phase”.   

Concrete: The Non-Combustible Material for Structures

16 May 2018

Concrete does not burn – it cannot be ‘set on fire’ unlike most other materials in a building and it does not emit any toxic fumes when affected by fire. It will also not produce smoke or drip molten particles, unlike many plastics and metals. Designing with a non-combustible material results in a structure needing simpler fire detailing and therefore having quicker construction programmes. 

Ronan Point remembered

16 May 2018

Fifty years ago, at about 5.45am on the morning of Thursday 16 May 1968, Miss Ivy Hodge went into the kitchen of her new 18th storey flat to make herself a cup of tea. She lit a match to light the gas stove, the gas leak exploded, and the side wall of the flat was blown out. This caused the whole of the corner of the apartment block to collapse, killing four people and injuring 17, including Miss Hodge.

It was a watershed moment. The flat was in a new housing development called Ronan Point, and the inquiry that followed led to significant changes in the Building Regulations for structural design which still stand today.

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