New Cements

6 Jul 2018

The specification of concrete code BS 8500 is being amended this summer to include three-part blends of cement such as Portland cement, GGBS and limestone fines or Portland cement, fly ash and limestone fines.

These are low carbon cements which will improve the range of options available to designers, specifiers and producers. These cements are widely used elsewhere in Europe and are covered by the European standard EN 197-1.  Other cementitious binders such as natural pozzolana and natural calcined pozzolana (or metakaolin) are also to be included in the new amendment to BS 8500. 

The new cements can be used in reinforced and mass concretes for exposure classes XC, XD, XS and XF and also for DC1 and DC2 classes for concretes in the ground. There are further durability tests being done for concretes in more aggressive ground conditions.

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