Cement and Concrete Industry Publications (CCIP) is an industry initiative to produce reliable, technical and invaluable design guidance. Titles are published by The Concrete Centre, The Concrete Society, British Precast and the Mineral Products Association.

Publications are produced and thoroughly checked by a peer group of technical colleagues who are proficient on each topic. Occasionally government regulations change which result in necessary changes to the documents.

Please see listed below links to PDFs which include amendments to current issues of the CCIPs. Once existing stocks of publications are exhausted, new versions will be updated with the new information, and the Errata PDFs will be removed from this page.

Concrete Buildings Scheme Design Manual Errata (March 2010)

Concise Eurocode 2 Errata (March 2010)

Concise Eurocode 2 for Bridges Errata (March 2010)

Economic Concrete Frame Elements Errata (2009)

How to Design Concrete Structures using Eurocode 2 Errata (2009 edition)

How to Design Concrete Structures using Eurocode 2: Second edition (2018)

Properties of Concrete for use in Eurocode 2 (2008)

Strut and Tie (Feb 2015)

Tall Buildings (Sept 2014)

Worked Examples to Eurocode 2 Errata (Jan 2012)

If you have any queries about the errata above, or any other questions on CCIP, please email info@concretecentre.com.