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Healthy, resilient homes and buildings

Supporting the health and wellbeing of occupants is widely recognised as an essential part of sustainable design for all buildings. This webinar explores some of the design strategies that can be adopted using concrete to help achieve long term performance, including provision of good indoor air quality, thermal comfort, flood resilience and biophilic design. 

Respite Pavillion

North Ayrshire

This concrete pavilion was commissioned as part of an arts strategy for the new Acute Mental Health and North Ayrshire Community Hospital campus.

Concrete Compass: Health and wellbeing

Material selection of the building fabric is only one part of the many considerations necessary in the design of buildings to support the health and wellbeing of its occupants. There are, nevertheless some important areas of positive contribution that the use of concrete can provide. 

This Compass points towards the range of resources produced by The Concrete Centre to assist in the detailing and design of building using concrete and masonry to support and enhance resilience, health and wellbeing through its use in the built environment.

General guidance 

A summary of the benefits of concrete for health and wellbeing is provided in this bitesize recording.

‘How we want to live’ is a technical article exploring health and wellbeing in housing design and its future evolution . 

The ‘Feelgood Factory' publication incudes a report on the rise of occupants’ wellbeing up the design agenda and examples of how concrete contributes to making us happier and healthier. 

Measurement and standards for health and wellbeing

Healthy, resilient homes and buildings using concrete and masonry
This webinar provides an overview of the various requirements, standards of assessment and accreditation related to the provision of health and wellbeing through the design of new buildings. It also explores how concrete and concrete products can be used beneficially through long-term performance. View now.

Health and Wellbeing in BREEAM 
This document provides detailed guidance for achieving credits in BREEAM new Construction 2014 using concrete, including the Health and Wellbeing Section.

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