National Structural Concrete Specification (NSCS)

The National Structural Concrete Specification for Building Construction was developed by CONSTRUCT and a technical committee that included contractors, consultants and industry partners. It aims to be the standard specification for concrete frames in the UK. The specification is designed to achieve increased efficiency through a definitive, simple, straightforward specification which removes unnecessary conditions and facilitates construction. It also provides guidance on tolerances and finishes.

The 4th Edition of the NSCS was published in April 2010 and complies with BS EN 13670 Execution of Concrete Structures. It contains three parts: the Standard Specification, the Project Specification and the User Guidance.

  • The NSCS Standard Specification provides a base specification with standard clauses on execution, materials and construction.
  • The NSCS Project Specification allows the project team to provide details of the project and any specific requirements. It details, by exception, any amendments to the Standard Specification considered necessary by the designer.
  • The NSCS Guidance is a companion document to the specification and gives background information and recommendations.

All members of the project team can benefit from the NSCS:

  • Designers no longer have to develop their own specification from scratch.
  • Specialist concrete contractors will be able to tender more effectively and have more freedom to innovate.
  • Clients will benefit from increased savings and cost benefits.

A downloadable copy is available from the Construct website.