Code for sustainable homes

The Code for Sustainable Homes (CFSH) was a national environmental assessment method rating the performance of new homes. It was introduced in 2006, aiming to encourage the improvement in sustainable construction of new homes. It was withdrawn by Government in 2015 for new developments, but continues to operate for "legacy developments" in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

There were many examples of new homes reaching the highest CFSH ratings using concrete and masonry construction, through its ability to provide very high levels of energy efficient fabric performance. Another factor was that many building elements constructed using concrete achieve the highest ratings in the Green Guide for housing such as A and A+ for block work cavity walls. Points were also achievable in the CFSH for concrete’s responsible sourcing, flood resilience and sound insulation performance.

A guide on how to score credits under CFSH was published by The Concrete Centre in 2009 and a PDF is available on request.