Eurocode 2 for bridges

From 1 April 2010 the UK design standard for concrete bridges is BS EN 1992-2 (aka Eurocode 2, part 2), this replaces BS 5400-4. It is anticipated that all public sector clients will be expecting new work after this date to be designed to Eurocode 2, as required by the Public Procurement Directive.

Designers using Eurocode 2 for bridge design will find that many of the principles for concrete design remain, and that the Code provides additional guidance that has not previously been given in a code of practice. However, there are variations to existing practice that the designer will have to become familiar with.

Perhaps more of a challenge will be to understand from Eurocode 2 what is intended for bridge design. This is because part 2 amends part 1-1, which covers general concrete design, to make it appropriate for bridges. This coupled with each document having a National Annex makes navigations through the clauses more onerous than it ought to be. The Concrete Centre has produced a guide Concise Eurocode 2 for Bridges which will help the designer to find their way through the Eurocode 2.