Operational carbon emissions

Operational fuel efficiency savings on various pavements are still under investigation. Research in Canada, Sweden, Japan and the USA report savings on concrete pavements compared with equivalent asphalt pavements.

These benefits are said to arise from differences in surface texture, roughness and pavement stiffness. This is generally not (or perhaps never) a decisive factor currently for choice of pavement designs but may become so. Clients such as Highways England seek sustainable solutions from tender submissions and this low operational CO2 advantage of concrete pavements could potentially be utilised in bids. Of course, it is important to note that, operational energy (CO2) savings would need to be considered as part of a whole life (cradle to grave) energy (CO2) study that accounts for impacts from materials, construction, maintenance etc. In this respect the long term durability of concrete rigid solutions also delivers low CO2 advantages.

For more information see Concrete Pavements Contribute to Decarbonising of Transport, an EUPAVE publication available from the technical information section on its website www.eupave.eu/