Concrete gravity foundation solutions

The Concrete Centre, working with a special interest group for the UK supply chain, worked to establish a capability in the design, construction and installation of Offshore Gravity Foundations for the Round 3 zones and associated developments. Download the list of members. In addition to the research published by The Concrete Centre and members of the group, there were also a number of installations.  

BAM's concrete gravity foundations in Blyth

Royal BAM Group has achieved a worldwide first having been awarded a contract to design, fabricate and install five full-size gravity base foundations for wind turbines of 41.5MW in capacity off the Northumberland coast. The foundation design will utilise ‘self-installing’ technology, which has been developed by two BAM companies, BAM Nuttall Ltd and BAM Infra bv. Read more at BAM

Seatower install concrete gravity base in the English Channel

The first Seatower Cranefree Gravity® foundation for offshore wind was successfully installed in the British Channel approximately 15 km off the French coast at the Fécamp offshore site at 30 meters water depth.

Fast and efficiently, the foundation was towed out to its desired position by two tugs and then deployed by letting seawater flow into the hollow foundation. The foundation was thereby fixed to the seabed by its own ballasted weight. Read more at Seatower

Concrete Gravity Foundations for Offshore Wind