Design aids for flexural reinforcement

The design procedure for flexural design outlined below is available in How to Design Concrete Structures using Eurocode 2: Beams; this includes derived formulae based on the simplified rectangular stress block from Eurocode 2.

From How to Design Concrete Structures using Eurocode 2 (page 25, Figure 1)

Bending moments

The table below can be used to determine bending moments and shear forces for beams, provided the notes to the table are observed.

Table 1: Bending moment and shear coefficients for beams and one-way slabs




Outer support

25% of span moment

0.45 (G+Q)

Near middle of end span

0.090 Gl +0.100 Ql


At first interior support

-0.094 (G+Ql

0.63 (G+Q)a

At middle of interior spans

0.066 Gl +0.086 Ql


At interior supports

-0.075 (G+Ql

0.50 (G+Q)

a 0.55 (G+Q) may be used adjacent to the interior span

1 l is the span, G is the total of the ULS permanent actions. Q is the total of the ULS variable actions
2 Redistribution of support moments by 15% has been included
3 Applicable to 3 or more spans only, where Qk<Gk and where the loading is substantially uniformly distributed.
4 Minimum span is > 0.85 longest span
5 Simpler coefficients for one-way spanning slabs are available in the publication 'Concise Eurocode 2'.


How to Design Concrete Structures using Eurocode 2: Second edition

Concise Eurocode 2