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On 30 November 2023 BSI formally published the 2nd generation Eurocode 2. The 2nd generation Eurocode 2 consists of BS EN 1992-1-1:2023 “Eurocode 2 : Design of concrete structures. General rules – rules for buildings, bridges and civil engineering structure” and BS EN 1992-1-2:2023 “Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures. General rules – Structural Fire design”. In the 2nd generation Eurocode 2 both bridges and liquid retaining and containment structures are covered by BS EN1992-1-1 so there is no replacements for the current BS EN 1992-2 and BS EN 1992-3.

Whilst the National Foreword to the 2nd generation Eurocodes notes that the current Eurocode is the default code for use in the UK until its withdrawal in 2028, there is nothing stopping engineers using the 2nd generation with appropriate agreements and once required supporting information is published.

Guidance for how to design structures using 1st Generation Eurocode 2 is readily available, in the form of published documents (available in hard and soft copies), webinars and software. These resources will be amended to reflect 2nd Generation Eurocode 2, however, these updates are dependant on the release of the UK National Annex (expected to be published mid-2024).

This compass brings together our key guidance and resources to ensure that designers feel supported in their use of Eurocode 2, now and in the future.

Key resources

Extensive online reference materials

This website has significant information on the design to Eurocode 2, with extracts from our guidance, available free of charge. Visit the Codes section or see the quick links to the pages of guidance, below:

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On-demand webinar

Introduction to Eurocode 2 webinar

This webinar introduces the basics and discusses some of the resources available to engineers looking to use Eurocode 2.